Google Search goes All Mobile in 2017

Google has announced that their primary search algorithm will switch to a mobile search index in 2017.  Over 75% of all web traffic is now generated by smartphones, tablets, iPhones and iPads.  Voice queries on Google have increased by 35X since 2008 and now constitute 20% of all searches.  

What does this mean for a local business?  

If you have a web site, you need to ensure that it is designed to be 100% mobile friendly.  Claim your local business listing on Google My Business and Google MapsCheck your online reputation; Google is now indexing Facebook and Yellow Pages for customer reviews.

For a Complimentary 10 Point Mobile Analysis just send your website URL to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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Bitcoin is Surging - Thanks to Trump

Most of the world's financial markets are down because of uncertainty over the Donald Trump election win.  Bitcoin is surging however, as investors seek a safe haven for their money.  It's just a coincidence that Bitcoin is also the online money system favored by the Russian mafia, hackers and criminals trying to hide their illegal transactions.

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Google is Eating Apple for Lunch

Google's Android phones are preferred by 87.5% of the population while sales of iPhones have dropped to 12.1% which is lower than Apple's market share in 2014. Google is ramping up their artificial intelligence software on the new Google manufactured Pixel phones in order to capture more smartphone market share.

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Need Leads? Start Blogging

Actively blogging companies receive 97% more links to their website and generate over 50% more site visits.  Companies who use blogging as part of their content marketing have reported 67% more generated leads than those who don’t. Why? Because major search engines – and with that your future customer – are more likely to find you if you’re running a blog. 


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Voice Commands for Hands Free Google Maps

Google has added voice commands to Google Maps.  You can now ask your smartphone to "find a gas station"  "how's traffic ahead"  "navigate to Starbucks" or "find restaurants"  Your business must be listed in the Google My Business listings if you want to be included in these local search results.

View all the Google Maps voice commands here.

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Oakley SmartGlasses

Oakley is entering the fitness market with a pair of smart sunglasses.  The Oakley Radar Pace smartglasses have built in sensors that include an accelerometer, gyroscope and barometer, and sensors for humidity and proximity. There are also a pair of removable earphones that fold down and 3 microphones for voice commands.  These $449 sunglasses are designed to provide runners with 4 hours of music, real time heart rates and workout statistics via a smartphone app.  Available October 1, 2016.

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SmartPhones Dominate Email Click-thrus

Smartphones continue to eclipse both desktop computers and tablets as the mobile device used most often for reading Emails.  An Experian study found that 58% of Emails are opened on mobile devices first.  Emails opened and read on smartphones have increased by 15% since last year, while email click-thrus to web sites on smartphones have increased by 44% since 2015.

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Google's Largest Survey for Local Business Leads

How is John Q Public using his smartphone to meet his needs?  Google analyzed the daily digital diaries of over 14,000 respondents to find out how they connected with local businesses.  The best sources for new customers are Google Search, Google Maps and Google Photos.

According to Google:

92 percent of respondents who did research on their phone made a purchase within a day76 percent of those searching for something nearby visited a related business within a day96 percent said they used their smartphone first33 percent used a tablet 73 percent used a laptop
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Which Mobile Ads Drive the Most Action?

Nielsen surveyed 8,444 participants on which types of mobile advertising trigger the most action by consumers. The clear winner across all age categories are mobile ads that include a coupon or discount code.  Everybody wants to get a deal on the price.

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Millennials are Not Ignoring your Emails

Millennials (18-34) are 63% more likely to read your promotional Emails than your older customers.  Millennials consider Email as their preferred choice for brand communications, beating out social media, news and entertainment web sites and text messages.  70% of your Emails will be read first on smartphones so your Emails must be designed to be 100% mobile-friendly.

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Want More Phone Calls to Your Business?

An Invoca study of 58 million phone calls across 40 industries found that 93% of business calls originated from online sources.  The majority of inbound phone calls to your business come from people searching Google for your products and services on a mobile phone.  In order to drive more phone calls into your business your web site must be SEO search optimized for mobile customers. 

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Canada Beats USA in Mobile Internet Speed

Speedtest has found that Canada beats the USA in mobile Internet speed tests.  

For Canadian mobile, average download speed was 25.21 Mbps, a 21% increase over last year. Average upload speed was 8.62 Mbps, an 18% increase. The US averages were 19.61 Mbps for download and 7.94 Mbps for upload.

Canadian Cable Internet Speeds

Fixed Broadband speeds measured in MbpsService providerDownload speedUpload speed Rogers 153.4820.92 Shaw71.416.61 Cogeco 65.5511.11 Videotron 62.5914.65 TELUS 55.6418.32Bell55.1530.58TekSavvy42.9210.32

Canadian Mobile Internet Speeds

Mobile speeds on LTE-capable devices measured in MbpsService ProviderDownload speedUpload speedBell Mobility30.4710.62Fido Solutions29.8410.83Rogers Wireless29.3710.49Telus26.799.59Wind Mobile6.31.48

In Western Canada Bell utilizes Telus towers but they still provide faster speeds and lower costs than Telus?

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Ads on Your Web Site = Google Penalty

If you have annoying pop up ads or full screen banner ads on your mobile web site Google will penalize your business in the search results.  Age verification and login boxes are fine but ads that try to trick you into thinking it's part of the content (like leaving the article header in place with ads below it) will land your site on Page 5 or lower. It's funny that Google makes most of their revenue from ads but they won't allow the annoying pop up variety.



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12X Zoom Kit for SmartPhones

Looking for better photos but don't want to spend a fortune on a DSLR camera?  The Apexel 12X manual focus telephoto camera lens kit includes an aluminum 12X coated optical lens, mini tripod and a universal clip for attachment to most smartphones.  Price $25.68 at Amazon


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Brits Spend More Time Online than Sleeping

The average adult in Britain spends 9 hours per day online.  98% of UK homes and businesses have access to high speed 4G Internet.  71% of the population own a smartphone and admit they are hooked on the Internet; spending 25 hours a week checking the Internet 50 times a day.  

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Where Should a Small Business Advertise?

There's an old saying that if you want to catch a fish you need to go fishing where the fish are.  The same rule applies to consumers who are spending more and more time on their smartphones.  The average consumer spends 25% of their time on a mobile device yet only 12% of small businesses are advertising on mobile.   This is despite the fact that mobile ads allow you to geo-target prospects that are close to your location.  It's a huge opportunity to catch a whopper.

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92% of Business Calls Come from Mobile Customers

92% of the telephone calls coming into your business are originating from mobile customers.  The 2016 Call Intelligence Index by Invoca analyzed 58 million calls across 40 industries and found that mobile search, Google call ads, click to call buttons, social media links and online reviews are generating the vast majority of inbound calls.  Radio ads drive in 3% of calls while TV and newspaper ads only drive in 2% of phone calls each.

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Best Marketing Channels for Franchise Owners

42% of franchise owners say their head office marketing is not working effectively.  Your new customers are not looking at billboards, paper ads or radio and TV advertising.  They are using Google on their smartphones to search for local products and services.  

Word of mouth referrals are now 5 star customer reviews on Google Maps and Yelp.  Your social media posts should be automated and linked to your web site landing pages in order to capture new contact info.  Local SEO optimization will ensure your business is listed on Page 1 of Google Maps, Google Search and YouTube.   Pay per click ads on Google and Facebook are great for driving in more new visitors to your mobile web site.  

SmartPhone Marketing specializes in mobile-friendly web site design, local Google SEO optimization, Google Adwords pay per click ads, and automated blog, email and social media campaigns for local franchisee owners.

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China is #1 Superpower for Supercomputers

In the race to build the word's most powerful supercomputer the leaders used to be US companies like IBM and Cray.  This year China has blown away the competition by winning both the #1 and #2 position for fastest computers.  The United States has stopped selling Intel processors to China for supercomputers because they are being used for nuclear testing.  That didn't stop the Chinese from building the #2 supercomputer with over 3 million Intel Xeon processors with a top speed of 54 petaflops (Double the speed of the American computers)  The #1 supercomputer uses 10 million parallel Chinese Sunway processors that delivers 125 petaflops  (5X faster than US supercomputers) You can expect to see the Sunway processors in new Chinese built smartphones and tablets.

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Media Views are Declining with One Exception

Traditional media consumption via desktop Internet will decline by 3.4% this year. But mobile media consumption will climb by approximately 28%.  Consumers spent 177 minutes per day watching TV in 2015, compared to 110 minutes per day on the Internet (both desktop and mobile). TV accounted for 41% of media consumption in 2015, but that figure is expected to decline to 38% by 2018. Internet media, meanwhile, will account for 31% in that year.

Last year, mobile overtook desktop as the primary means of accessing the Internet. But now, mobile is racing past desktop, as people are expected to spend 86 minutes on average on mobile media, compared to just 36 minutes on desktop. This means that approximately 71% of global internet consumption will occur on mobile in 2016.

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