Best Time to Post on Social Media

Connecting with your target audience on social media means sending the right message at the right time.  TrackMaven has a social media cheat sheet for 75 industries at

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Why Local Business Owners Love Facebook Ads

A survey of 7,500 local business owners found they love Facebook ads.

Why Facebook?

90 percent of the advertisers now have a social media page.62 percent are advertising on Facebook this year. That is more than use Google, Twitter and LinkedIn combined, and double the percentage for Facebook a year ago.90 percent who use Facebook are satisfied with its effectiveness. Social media now rates high in generating new customers, lagging only companies' own websites and referrals.There is more data about who we're reaching.It's easy to buy, track and understand.It works better than other types of advertising we've used.We have more control of the budget, timelines and creative.It's inexpensive.
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Facebook vs AdBlocker Fight

In the first round Adblocker lands a haymaker that speeds up your web browsing and removes those annoying pop up ads in Facebook.  In the second round this week Facebook updates their system to disable the adblockers and Zuckerberg continues getting rich off the advertising.  Two days later Adblocker updates their system to knock out the Facebook updates and continues to remove unwanted ads from your feed.  The fight will continue as both Facebook and AdBlocker try to neutralize each others efforts.  Have you tried Adblocker software?  Do you want to go back to being bombarded with pesky ads that drain your data plan on smartphones?

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Which News Articles will Boost Your Business?

News articles, press releases and online video clips are all great ways to promote your business.  Google places a high ranking value on all links to newspaper articles and popular news aggregator sites.  But how do you ensure that your target demographic will see your news?

Canada is #2 for Video News

Online videos are the best way to connect with all age groups.  Canada is #2 world-wide for online video news consumption.  32% of Canadians get their news from online videos on Facebook, YouTube and WhatsApp.

Different News Media for Each Demographic

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59% of Teens are Addicted to Smartphones

A Common Sense Media poll of of 1,240 parents said that 59% of their children aged 12 to 18 were addicted to their smartphones.  Nearly 80% of teens in the new survey said they checked their phones hourly, and 72% said they felt the need to immediately respond to texts and social networking messages. Thirty-six percent of parents said they argued with their child daily about device use, and 77% of parents feel their children get distracted by their devices and don't pay attention when they are together at least a few times per week.

Addicted Parents

Sixty-nine percent of parents check their devices at least hourly compared to the 78% of teens who say they do that, and nearly half, 48%, of parents feel they need to immediately respond to texts and social networking messages. More than half, 56%, of parents admit checking their mobile devices while driving and nearly the same number, 52%, very often or occasionally try to cut down the amount of time they spend on devices. 

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Facebook is #1 for E-commerce

E-commerce shopping from social media sites has increased by over 200% in the last year.  Facebook is the leader in E-commerce with over $1.4 billion in sales annually. In related news; Canadian-based Shopify has just acquired Kit CRM which uses a text bot to automatically create Facebook Messenger ads that are linked to a Shopify shopping cart.

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Facebook Video Trends for 2016

Facebook currently serves up over 8 Billion video views per day.  This is double the number of Facebook videos in 2015 and reinforces Mark Zuckerberg's prediction that by 2019 most of Facebook content will be video.  

People spend 3X longer watching Live Video compared to pre-recorded videoThe number of videos posted per person has increased by 75% since 2015Videos have a 135% more click-thrus than photos on Facebook
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Facebook Connection Stats

Facebook added several new features last month which should help you connect with your target audience.  Live streaming video is being prioritized in the news feed, video ads will be captioned automatically and Facebook is offering six figure sums to a handful of famous people to add videos to Facebook Live. You can expect 0.63% of your total audience to engage with a video post, 0.57% with an image, 0.35% with a link and 0.25% with a plain status update. You stand to gain 152% more engagement by posting a video rather than a status update.  The majority (78%) of people will watch Facebook videos with the sound muted so it's vital to include closed captions or talking points in your video in order to get your message across.


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Apple Facetime replaced by Facebook Live

Facebook Live is a new live video streaming app that will replace Apple's Facetime.  The Facebook Live app will let users video chat without leaving Facebook plus it works with both Android smartphones and iPhones.

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Best Social Media for Small Business Owners?

Facebook is #1 

93% of small business owners and marketers use Facebook, and 92% agree that social media is important for their businesses. But only one in three characterize Facebook efforts as effective.

LinkedIn for Business to Business

74% B2B decision makers use LinkedIn to help make purchasing decisions. But only 18% of B2B SMB marketers are using LinkedIn ads


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Canada is #3 for Internet Use

A new survey from We Are Social shows that 91% of Canadians are connected to the Internet.  92% of Canadians access the Internet from a mobile device or smartphone. Facebook is the #1 social media channel for Canadians.

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Facebook adds Search for Local Businesses

Facebook has built their own local search engine to compete with Google and Yelp.  At you can search by business category and city to find customer reviews and ratings, telephone numbers, hours of operation and map.  It's time to update your Facebook business page to keep your business top of mind with new prospects.

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