Need Leads? Start Blogging

Actively blogging companies receive 97% more links to their website and generate over 50% more site visits.  Companies who use blogging as part of their content marketing have reported 67% more generated leads than those who don’t. Why? Because major search engines – and with that your future customer – are more likely to find you if you’re running a blog. 


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Google's Largest Survey for Local Business Leads

How is John Q Public using his smartphone to meet his needs?  Google analyzed the daily digital diaries of over 14,000 respondents to find out how they connected with local businesses.  The best sources for new customers are Google Search, Google Maps and Google Photos.

According to Google:

92 percent of respondents who did research on their phone made a purchase within a day76 percent of those searching for something nearby visited a related business within a day96 percent said they used their smartphone first33 percent used a tablet 73 percent used a laptop
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Want More Phone Calls to Your Business?

An Invoca study of 58 million phone calls across 40 industries found that 93% of business calls originated from online sources.  The majority of inbound phone calls to your business come from people searching Google for your products and services on a mobile phone.  In order to drive more phone calls into your business your web site must be SEO search optimized for mobile customers. 

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Ads on Your Web Site = Google Penalty

If you have annoying pop up ads or full screen banner ads on your mobile web site Google will penalize your business in the search results.  Age verification and login boxes are fine but ads that try to trick you into thinking it's part of the content (like leaving the article header in place with ads below it) will land your site on Page 5 or lower. It's funny that Google makes most of their revenue from ads but they won't allow the annoying pop up variety.



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How Fast is Your Web Site? Mobile SEO Speed Tips

The majority of your web site visitors are using an iPhone or smartphone to check out your business.  But if your web site takes longer than 3 seconds to load up on a mobile device, consumers will abandon your web site.  Google is now using mobile web page speed as a ranking factor in their search algorithm.

If your web site is too slow, Google will penalize your listing in the search results.


SEO Mobile Speed Tips

All your photos should be compressed and re-sized to fit smaller mobile screens.  Most iPhones will only display a 320 pixel wide imageDon't upload photos directly from your digital camera.  2Mb original photo can be compressed and optimized to 55Kb size insteadLink your videos.  Providing a video link back to YouTube or Instagram lets your customers view your video without slowing down your mobile web site. Choose a web hosting provider that provides mobile acceleration software to speed up your web siteWith mobile, less is more. Less clutter. Fewer clicks. Fewer smaller pictures. Easy navigation80% of web site visitors will abandon your site if they can't find what they need in 3 ClicksCheck your web site with the Free Google Speed Test
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Does Your Web Site Suck on iPhones? Free Test from Google

Google says that people are five times more likely to leave a website that's not easy to use on mobile and that half of all visitors will ditch a page if it takes more than three seconds to load.  The Google test site will also send you a report outlining whether the site, buttons, and content are sized to fit mobile screens, as well as whether it's configured to support compression, browser caching, and optimize images.

Check your web site with the FREE Google Test:

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Voice Search SEO Tips

Google Now and Siri allow you to use voice commands for searching on your smartphone.  The new Google Home appliance will let you have a conversation with an intelligent assistant.  Currently about 25% of all Google mobile searches originate from voice searches.  As more and more people use voice devices for searching online you'll need to update your web site content to match their queries.  How to understand your customer's conversational speech:

Collect phrases customers are using to describe their problems and make note of the commonly used phrases that describe your products and servicesInterview customers by phone and record their responses.Ask simple questions to get your customers to give you answers in their own words.
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Top 7 Factors for Mobile Shopper Engagement

A Nielsen study in the US has determined the top 7 factors that influence the buying decision for mobile shoppers.   Most of these factors apply to all mobile-friendly web sites.

Product PicturesMobile Friendly Web SiteProduct DescriptionsProduct ReviewsCompare Product PricesSecurity of Web SiteSize of Text and Links
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Where do You Hide a Body? On Page 2 of Google

95% of Consumers search Google to find local products and services.  Businesses listed on Page 1 are the winners and there is no prize for 2nd Place.

Why is SEO Important?


Search Engine Optimization does NOT include pay per click ads and it is the most cost effective method of delivering qualified targeted leads to your business.


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