Want to Know if Your iPhone is Hacked? Sorry Apple won't let You

Want to know if your iPhone has been hacked?

A German security researcher, Stefan Esser has developed a new iPhone app; System & Security Info will tell you instantly if your phone has been tampered with – and if you’re being ‘watched’ by hackers or the government.  In a nutshell, the app told you whether the software that your phone is running is authentic and was designed to tell you if there was malware or other undesirable software at play through its ‘anomaly detection’ tool. It can also detect if the phone has been jail-broken without the owner’s knowledge.

Sorry that was last week.  This week Apple has banned this app from the App Store because it might give people the impression that IOS has security holes in it and "detecting weaknesses or problems in a user’s iPhone isn’t allowed"

Wake up Apple!  In the last month the FBI, several police services and Israeli hackers have all been able to hack into IOS security on the iPhone.  If Apple is not going to fix iPhone security they should at least let the public check their own phones for hacker attacks.


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Sunday, 22 July 2018