Be Quick - You have Less than 9 Seconds!

Statistic Brain Research Institute have found that the average human attention span has dropped by 33% since the year 2000 and is now at just 8.25 seconds (note: goldfish have an attention span of 9 seconds)  The days of 30 second or 1 minute commercials are long gone.  Nielsen research has found that the sweet spot for video ads on Facebook is 10 seconds.  

Use the ABCD rule for connecting with your mobile prospects:

  • Attention – “Grab it through low interaction-cost tools like auto-play videos, which require no user action”.
  • Branding from the first second – “This signals importance and relevance. Also, people may not watch long enough to notice logos/branding that appear late in the video”.
  • Communicate without sound – “Use subtitles as many mobile ads are viewed with the sound off. Zoom in on key frames for the smaller screen”.
  • Deliver the message instantly – “within the first few seconds – 10 seconds at most”
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Tuesday, 17 July 2018