SnapChat has a Problem - Teenagers Aren't Downloading it Anymore

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Increase your Ranking on the #2 Search Engine - YouTube

Got great video content that no one's seeing? Columnist Tony Edward provides a comprehensive guide to optimizing your YouTube presence.

YouTube is arguably the second largest search engine on the Web. It is the third most visited site on the Web, according to Alexa and SimilarWeb. Recent information released by Google has shown that more and more users are using YouTube as a search engine. Searches related to “how to” on YouTube are growing 70% year over year. It is also no secret that video content is more engaging than a page of text and can be much more informative. YouTube’s popularity and reach are also expanded by its inclusion in both Google Web and Video search.

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Google + Blackberry = Self Driving Now

After only 7 months of R&D Google has released their self driving hybrid Chrysler mini-van.  Google's Android Auto software supplies the front end infotainment and mapping software while Blackberry QNX supplies the secure system for connecting all the GPS sensors and feedback systems.  It sounds like a good match of skills which should get everyone into a self driving car sooner than later.

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Google Local Listings adds Facebook Ratings & Menus

Every business that has claimed their Google local business listing (in Google Maps) will now display their online customer ratings and reviews from Google, Facebook and Yellow Pages.  Your online reputation is critical for new clients to establish trust in your business.  Restaurants listed in Google local business listings can also include links to their menu on their own web site or to 3rd party menu site.  Google local business listings are the 1st search results displayed on smartphones and iPhones.

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Text Messaging Helps Grow Restaurant Business

Every restaurant dreams of having lines of customers out the door waiting to eat at their establishment. And ideally, that line is a healthy mix of new and repeat customers. A successful marketing campaign can make this a reality for eateries both large and small.

Restaurant business is among the industries that can get the most out of SMS marketing. Offering motivations for joining SMS loyalty clubs can increase opt-ins. Promoting events that local customers are interested in can help maintain a loyal customer base and generate new interest. And integrating a text messaging campaign with other media can render impressive results for the advanced marketer.

Regardless of whether the restaurant is a powerhouse franchise or a privately owned establishment, SMS can help enhance customer loyalty and increase sales. Here are three examples of how text message marketing helped restaurants, from the basic to the advanced:

Give them a reason to join

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Check your Android phone for Malware

If you download games and apps from sites other than the Google Play store you may have infected your Android smartphone with malware that allows access to Gmail and photos.  Phones that are running older versions of Android Jelly Bean Kit Kat and Lollipop are most at risk. Check Point offers a free malware checker at


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5 Billion Reasons you need a Mobile Website

More than $5.27 Billion was spent online on Black Friday.  This is a 17.7% increase in online shopping since 2015. Over 75% of people are now using a smartphone or tablet as their primary means to browse the web, find your location and check your references.  But if your website is not 100% mobile-friendly you are losing sales to your competition.  

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Google Search goes All Mobile in 2017

Google has announced that their primary search algorithm will switch to a mobile search index in 2017.  Over 75% of all web traffic is now generated by smartphones, tablets, iPhones and iPads.  Voice queries on Google have increased by 35X since 2008 and now constitute 20% of all searches.  

What does this mean for a local business?  

If you have a web site, you need to ensure that it is designed to be 100% mobile friendly.  Claim your local business listing on Google My Business and Google MapsCheck your online reputation; Google is now indexing Facebook and Yellow Pages for customer reviews.

For a Complimentary 10 Point Mobile Analysis just send your website URL to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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3 Reasons Not to Buy an iPhone


Does Apple even bother to perform real world testing of their phones?  A new hack means a couple of taps on your LOCKED iPhone screen will bypass security and give attackers access to all your photos and contact info on your iPhone.



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Mobile Advertising is Bigger than Google Search

Mobile advertising has blown past Google search results to take the #1 spot for attracting new customers. 47% of revenues now come from mobile ads compared to 27% from Google search results.

US digital ad revenue is expected to reach nearly $100 billion by 2021. This represents compound annual growth of 8% from the $68.9 billion expected in 2016.Mobile is positioned to become the top destination for digital ad spending as advertisers continue to attempt to close the "mobile opportunity gap."Digital video advertising will grow faster than any other segment over the next five years, as consumers shift time spent online to phones and tablets. Revenue in this category is forecast to rise from $8.5 billion in 2016 to $23 billion in 2021.Social advertising in all formats is gaining traction and will be among the key drivers of digital ad growth in the next five years. Social ad revenue is poised to climb to $30.8 billion by 2021, up from $15.5 billion this year.Artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, and sponsored content will help propel further digital ad growth in the next decade.
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Bitcoin is Surging - Thanks to Trump

Most of the world's financial markets are down because of uncertainty over the Donald Trump election win.  Bitcoin is surging however, as investors seek a safe haven for their money.  It's just a coincidence that Bitcoin is also the online money system favored by the Russian mafia, hackers and criminals trying to hide their illegal transactions.

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Cyber War May Start This Week

The Internet is buzzing this morning after Twitter went down with conspiracy theorists blaming Clinton for blocking Trump's tweets.  WikiLeaks is also down today due to a unknown DDOS attack.  The CIA has vowed that if it detects any hacking attempts by Russia to disrupt the American election, they will launch an all out cyberattack.  The CIA cyberattacks will be designed to shut down Russia's telephone and communications networks, their electrical power grid and command systems at the Kremlin.  These actions would definitely get Vladimir Putin's attention!



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Google is Eating Apple for Lunch

Google's Android phones are preferred by 87.5% of the population while sales of iPhones have dropped to 12.1% which is lower than Apple's market share in 2014. Google is ramping up their artificial intelligence software on the new Google manufactured Pixel phones in order to capture more smartphone market share.

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Need Leads? Start Blogging

Actively blogging companies receive 97% more links to their website and generate over 50% more site visits.  Companies who use blogging as part of their content marketing have reported 67% more generated leads than those who don’t. Why? Because major search engines – and with that your future customer – are more likely to find you if you’re running a blog. 


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Best Time to Post on Social Media

Connecting with your target audience on social media means sending the right message at the right time.  TrackMaven has a social media cheat sheet for 75 industries at

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iPhone7 Batteries Blowing Up Too

Apple has jumped on the exploding battery bandwagon.  Two brand new Apple iPhone7 batteries blew up this week.  All rechargeable battery packs are under suspicion since the Samsung Galaxy Note recall (and the Samsung washing machine recall)  Samsung is replacing the Samsung built battery packs with more reliable batteries from a third party supplier.    No word yet from Apple if they will announce a recall but remember that you should never leave any smartphone under your pillow at night.

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The Best Times to Post on Social Media

Track Maven has analyzed more than 17.5 million social media posts by 17,737 brands to provide you with the best times to post on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest.

The overall best times of day and days of the week to post on social media are:

Twitter: 5 pm Thursday

Facebook: 8 pm Thursday

LinkedIn: 9 am Wednesday

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Made by Google Pixel Smartphone Blows Away iPhone7

In a major product announcement yesterday Google demonstrated their first smartphone that is built directly by Google. The Google Pixel phones will feature software and hardware support from Google.

Best Camera - 12 megapixels camera with the highest DxOMark rating of any smartphone.  Includes FREE unlimited 4K video and photo storage on Google Photos.

Best Battery - Quick charges in 15 minutes for 7 hours of talk time

Best Display - 5.5" AMOLED display slides into the Google Daydream Virtual Reality headset

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iPhone7 has the Worst Battery Compared to Competitors

iPhone7 Review - How good can a phone be that doesn't even last one day?

Thinking about buying a new iPhone7? Think Again.  

Compared to other new smartphones from Samsung, HTC and LG the iPhone7 has the shortest battery life. Making telephone calls on the iPhone7 offered a very decent sounding 712 minutes of call-time. However, this is nearly half of what the Samsung Galaxy S7 had on offer (it got 1,492 minutes)! The best performer among these four handsets was the HTC 10 which offered an incredible 1,859 minutes of call time. The LG G5, famous for its modular battery, also did well offering 1,579 minutes of call time.

Moving on to internet browsing on 3G, all the devices offered much lesser usage time. However, the iPhone came last in this test as well. Leading the charts again, and offering over 790 minutes of 3G usage time, was the HTC 10. The HTC was followed by the Samsung Galaxy S7 which gave 677 minutes of 3G usage. The LG G5 came third after offering 640 minutes of 3G usage. The iPhone 7 came last and offered 615 minutes of 3G usage.


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Canadians Prefer Google over Apple 2 to 1

Canadians spend an average of 2 hours and 20 minutes per day on their smartphones. 81% of Canadians use a smartphone on a regular basis. Android smartphones from Google are the preferred choice at 59% with iPhones at 32%.  You can expect more people to switch to Google after tomorrow's announcement of the new smartphones "Made by Google"

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