China is #1 Superpower for Supercomputers

In the race to build the word's most powerful supercomputer the leaders used to be US companies like IBM and Cray.  This year China has blown away the competition by winning both the #1 and #2 position for fastest computers.  The United States has stopped selling Intel processors to China for supercomputers because they are being used for nuclear testing.  That didn't stop the Chinese from building the #2 supercomputer with over 3 million Intel Xeon processors with a top speed of 54 petaflops (Double the speed of the American computers)  The #1 supercomputer uses 10 million parallel Chinese Sunway processors that delivers 125 petaflops  (5X faster than US supercomputers) You can expect to see the Sunway processors in new Chinese built smartphones and tablets.

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Sunday, 22 July 2018