3 Reasons Not to Buy an iPhone


Does Apple even bother to perform real world testing of their phones?  A new hack means a couple of taps on your LOCKED iPhone screen will bypass security and give attackers access to all your photos and contact info on your iPhone.  http://thenextweb.com/apple/2016/11/18/iphone-lock-screen-hack/



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Google is Eating Apple for Lunch

Google's Android phones are preferred by 87.5% of the population while sales of iPhones have dropped to 12.1% which is lower than Apple's market share in 2014. Google is ramping up their artificial intelligence software on the new Google manufactured Pixel phones in order to capture more smartphone market share.

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iPhone7 Batteries Blowing Up Too

Apple has jumped on the exploding battery bandwagon.  Two brand new Apple iPhone7 batteries blew up this week.  All rechargeable battery packs are under suspicion since the Samsung Galaxy Note recall (and the Samsung washing machine recall)  Samsung is replacing the Samsung built battery packs with more reliable batteries from a third party supplier.    No word yet from Apple if they will announce a recall but remember that you should never leave any smartphone under your pillow at night.

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Made by Google Pixel Smartphone Blows Away iPhone7

In a major product announcement yesterday Google demonstrated their first smartphone that is built directly by Google. The Google Pixel phones will feature software and hardware support from Google.

Best Camera - 12 megapixels camera with the highest DxOMark rating of any smartphone.  Includes FREE unlimited 4K video and photo storage on Google Photos.

Best Battery - Quick charges in 15 minutes for 7 hours of talk time

Best Display - 5.5" AMOLED display slides into the Google Daydream Virtual Reality headset

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iPhone7 has the Worst Battery Compared to Competitors

iPhone7 Review - How good can a phone be that doesn't even last one day?

Thinking about buying a new iPhone7? Think Again.  

Compared to other new smartphones from Samsung, HTC and LG the iPhone7 has the shortest battery life. Making telephone calls on the iPhone7 offered a very decent sounding 712 minutes of call-time. However, this is nearly half of what the Samsung Galaxy S7 had on offer (it got 1,492 minutes)! The best performer among these four handsets was the HTC 10 which offered an incredible 1,859 minutes of call time. The LG G5, famous for its modular battery, also did well offering 1,579 minutes of call time.

Moving on to internet browsing on 3G, all the devices offered much lesser usage time. However, the iPhone came last in this test as well. Leading the charts again, and offering over 790 minutes of 3G usage time, was the HTC 10. The HTC was followed by the Samsung Galaxy S7 which gave 677 minutes of 3G usage. The LG G5 came third after offering 640 minutes of 3G usage. The iPhone 7 came last and offered 615 minutes of 3G usage.


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Canadians Prefer Google over Apple 2 to 1

Canadians spend an average of 2 hours and 20 minutes per day on their smartphones. 81% of Canadians use a smartphone on a regular basis. Android smartphones from Google are the preferred choice at 59% with iPhones at 32%.  You can expect more people to switch to Google after tomorrow's announcement of the new smartphones "Made by Google"

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RIP Blackberry

Back in the day if you wanted the best mobile device (and keyboard) for sending secure messages you reached for a Blackberry.  But then the iPhone and Google Android phones came along and Blackberry was no longer relevant.  After a valiant effort to revive Blackberry by customizing their software on re-branded Android smartphones the Canadian manufacturer now has less than 1% of the market.  Blackberry announced today they will no longer be in the smartphone business and they will focus solely on security software.  It's time to say good bye to one of Canada's best tech companies.  RIP Blackberry.

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iPhone7+ vs Samsung, LG & Nexus

Apple is a little late in the game to finally announce their iPhone7 Plus in the phablet category. (BIG phones)  The Samsung Note 7 has the best screen with a curved display but you should wait until they resolve their exploding battery issues.  The LG V20 is the only smartphone that has a metal body, tough glass and near military specs for drop test reliability. All 3 of the Android phones offer higher quality screen displays, longer lasting battery life and easier (and cheaper) memory expansion. Plus you can still plug in your old headphones! Bu you know what they say about iPhones: "You can buy a better phone, but you can't spend more"

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Update your iPhone or Hackers will Eavesdrop

Remember when Apple said their iPhones were more secure and less vulnerable to hackers.  Well those days are long gone!  Apple just released an Emergency Update to IOS 9.3.5 for three major security flaws that affect all iPhones and iPads.  These vulnerabilities allow hackers to remotely control your camera and microphone, track your GPS location and get full access to all your photos and text messages. 

To update your iPhone, users should access the Settings application followed by "General" and "Software Update"

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Canada Beats USA in Mobile Internet Speed

Speedtest has found that Canada beats the USA in mobile Internet speed tests.  

For Canadian mobile, average download speed was 25.21 Mbps, a 21% increase over last year. Average upload speed was 8.62 Mbps, an 18% increase. The US averages were 19.61 Mbps for download and 7.94 Mbps for upload.

Canadian Cable Internet Speeds

Fixed Broadband speeds measured in MbpsService providerDownload speedUpload speed Rogers 153.4820.92 Shaw71.416.61 Cogeco 65.5511.11 Videotron 62.5914.65 TELUS 55.6418.32Bell55.1530.58TekSavvy42.9210.32

Canadian Mobile Internet Speeds

Mobile speeds on LTE-capable devices measured in MbpsService ProviderDownload speedUpload speedBell Mobility30.4710.62Fido Solutions29.8410.83Rogers Wireless29.3710.49Telus26.799.59Wind Mobile6.31.48

In Western Canada Bell utilizes Telus towers but they still provide faster speeds and lower costs than Telus?

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12X Zoom Kit for SmartPhones

Looking for better photos but don't want to spend a fortune on a DSLR camera?  The Apexel 12X manual focus telephoto camera lens kit includes an aluminum 12X coated optical lens, mini tripod and a universal clip for attachment to most smartphones.  Price $25.68 at Amazon


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Worst Apple Watch Accessory Ever Made

The Apple watch is so bad that a company has designed a new strap that includes a regular old mechanical watch on one side and your iWatch on the other.  You can rotate your wrist to check the time on the regular watch or flip over to your iDiot Watch to play Pokeman.  It's so incredibly nerdy that it will probably sell like hotcakes.

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Smart Shoes will Fix Your Golf Swing

A Samsung subsidiary called IOFIT has developed the first smart golf shoes.  The shoes with thin pressure sensors inside the insoles track how your feet work (or in many cases don’t work) during the swing. The cleatless shoe is designed to be lightweight and waterproof and comes in a mesh, sneaker-style version and a leather, suede wingtip option. IOFIT shoes will track weight transfer and balance in your golf swing. The information is transmitted to your phone to present in graphic form the foot pressure data including pressure distribution, center of pressure, left/right balance and front/back balance.   $189 from Kickstarter available in February 2017.

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Levitating Phone Charger - Made in Canada

Induction charging and magnetic levitation come together in the new OvRcharge system.  Simply add a new cover to your smartphone or tablet and toss it on top of the charging base. Voila - your phone will levitate, rotate and mesmerize your friends while charging your batteries.  OvRcharge is built by AR Designs, a Toronto based company listed on Kickstarter.

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Graphene Battery Recharges in 15 Minutes

A Chinese company Dongxu OptoElectronics has just released the world's first graphene battery pack.  The G-King is 4,800 mAh battery pack that can be recharged to 100% capacity within 15 minutes.  This is 60 minutes faster than lithium ion batteries and the battery pack can be recharged 3,500 times (7X more than current batteries) You can expect to see this new batttery technology in next year's flagship smartphones.

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Polaroid Returns from the Dead

Back in the day you could snap a photo with your Polaroid camera and 60 seconds later the photo would magically appear before your eyes.  A new iPhone app called Polaroid Swing will let you take moving photos;  3D images that appear to move when you swipe your finger across them. Swing app captures 60 frames in a single second; it then adds more frames in-between those, creating a smoothly flowing image with an amazing depth of field. Photographers can apply one of four Instagram-like filters to each image.

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How Apple gets Rich - Don't Pay Taxes

In order to minimize corporate taxes Apple moved their official European headquarters to Ireland instead of Britain.  Britain has a tax rate of 20% while Ireland is only 12.5%.  However Apple negotiated a special corporate tax rate with the Irish government of only 2.5%.  Last year Apple made $2.6B profit in the UK but only paid $17M in taxes.  Apple makes $17M in global profits every 2 hours!  No wonder the EU is taking Apple to court for illegal accounting practices. 

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License Plate Cover with Backup Camera for Your Car

20 to 25% of vehicles on the road have a backup camera; but for those of us with an older model car Pearl Auto has a solution.  Pearl has created a rear license plate cover that includes a backup camera which connects to your smartphone.  When you put the car in reverse, it switches over to the backup camera. It’s a wide-angle camera that gives you a 180-degree view of what’s behind the car and alerts you when obstacles — like people — get too close to the car. Cost is $500

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Google Beats iPhone 2 to 1

The latest Kantar smartphone report shows that Google is kicking Apple's butt.  US sales of Google's Android phones captured 68% of the market while iPhone sales dropped to 30%.  In the EU 76% of people prefer Android and in China 79% prefer Google over Apple.  The majority of new smartphone users are buying Android phones and 91% of Android users are loyal to Google and will replace their smartphone with another Android handset.

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Sneak Peek - New Phones from Motorola, Lenovo & Apple

Here's a look at some of the new smartphone designs that are coming down the pipe in 2017.


Motorola's new modular smartphones allow you to snap on feature modules to a magnetic connection on the back. The Insta-Share projector will create a 70 inch display on any surface and it will run for 1 hour with a built-in battery.



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