Check your Android phone for Malware

If you download games and apps from sites other than the Google Play store you may have infected your Android smartphone with malware that allows access to Gmail and photos.  Phones that are running older versions of Android Jelly Bean Kit Kat and Lollipop are most at risk. Check Point offers a free malware checker at


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Cyber War May Start This Week

The Internet is buzzing this morning after Twitter went down with conspiracy theorists blaming Clinton for blocking Trump's tweets.  WikiLeaks is also down today due to a unknown DDOS attack.  The CIA has vowed that if it detects any hacking attempts by Russia to disrupt the American election, they will launch an all out cyberattack.  The CIA cyberattacks will be designed to shut down Russia's telephone and communications networks, their electrical power grid and command systems at the Kremlin.  These actions would definitely get Vladimir Putin's attention!



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RIP Blackberry

Back in the day if you wanted the best mobile device (and keyboard) for sending secure messages you reached for a Blackberry.  But then the iPhone and Google Android phones came along and Blackberry was no longer relevant.  After a valiant effort to revive Blackberry by customizing their software on re-branded Android smartphones the Canadian manufacturer now has less than 1% of the market.  Blackberry announced today they will no longer be in the smartphone business and they will focus solely on security software.  It's time to say good bye to one of Canada's best tech companies.  RIP Blackberry.

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Obama Warns Putin about Cyber War

Investigators determined that it was Russian hackers who attacked the Democratic National Committee this week. Vladmir Putin denied that Russia was responsible.  At the G20 conference President Obama warned that the United States has more capacity than anybody, both offensively and defensively when it comes to cyber weapons but also stated that he does not want to start a Cyber Cold War.



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Update your iPhone or Hackers will Eavesdrop

Remember when Apple said their iPhones were more secure and less vulnerable to hackers.  Well those days are long gone!  Apple just released an Emergency Update to IOS 9.3.5 for three major security flaws that affect all iPhones and iPads.  These vulnerabilities allow hackers to remotely control your camera and microphone, track your GPS location and get full access to all your photos and text messages. 

To update your iPhone, users should access the Settings application followed by "General" and "Software Update"

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Update Your Anti-Virus Now!

You know that things are bad when hackers start attacking the anti-virus programs that you are using to protect your computer.  Google's security team has discovered a bunch of critical vulnerabilities in both Symantec and Norton security software. These vulnerabilities are as bad as they get and simply receiving an email is enough to compromise your computer. (Even if you don't open the email or click on a link) Check the Symantec and Norton web sites and load the latest anti-virus updates immediately to prevent this.

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Blackberry Bets the Farm on IOT Software

Blackberry is still struggling to remain in the smartphone handset business.  They do however have an excellent reputation for top notch security software.  Blackberry has developed new tracking software called "Radar" which is combined with a small module that is attached inside the back door of a tractor trailer.  This allows for real time tracking of location, temperature, humidity and cargo presence inside the truck.  Wal-Mart is rumored to be the first company to test drive this new logistics system.  Hopefully it will help Blackberry to get back on the road to profitability.

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Google will Replace Your Password by Year End

Google is set to kill your password on all your Android devices by the end of 2016.  Instead of using password apps and 2 factor authentication, Google will use your typing pattern, facial recognition and your location to verify your identity.  The Google Trust Score API will also look at factors like keystroke speed, pattern of speech, location, rhythm of your walk, facial features, the way you swipe open your phone.  Banks are very interested in this new technology as the #1 target for hackers are financial databases that contain your passwords.

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Want to Know if Your iPhone is Hacked? Sorry Apple won't let You

Want to know if your iPhone has been hacked?

A German security researcher, Stefan Esser has developed a new iPhone app; System & Security Info will tell you instantly if your phone has been tampered with – and if you’re being ‘watched’ by hackers or the government.  In a nutshell, the app told you whether the software that your phone is running is authentic and was designed to tell you if there was malware or other undesirable software at play through its ‘anomaly detection’ tool. It can also detect if the phone has been jail-broken without the owner’s knowledge.

Sorry that was last week.  This week Apple has banned this app from the App Store because it might give people the impression that IOS has security holes in it and "detecting weaknesses or problems in a user’s iPhone isn’t allowed"

Wake up Apple!  In the last month the FBI, several police services and Israeli hackers have all been able to hack into IOS security on the iPhone.  If Apple is not going to fix iPhone security they should at least let the public check their own phones for hacker attacks.


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RCMP hacked Blackberry Encryption since 2010

Since 2010, the RCMP have used a master Blackberry encryption key that allowed them to intercept over 1 million Mafia messages sent using the proprietary BBM service. Blackberry CEO John Chen supports the RCMP saying: "We reject the notion that tech companies should refuse reasonable, lawful access requests"  On the other hand, Apple says they want to implement bullet-proof encryption so no one can access your messages.  

Do you think law enforcement should be able to eavesdrop on your mobile communications?



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Hack an Email Account for $129

A Dell security team has found that Russian criminals will hack into your Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo accounts for only $129.  Getting access to a corporate Email account costs $500 and hacking into a Facebook account costs $129.  You can also get a (legitimate?) American Express, Mastercard or VISA credit card for only $30. Demand is so high that the Russian hackers are now offering their hacking services on weekends, evenings or 24/7.  

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Gmail Warnings about Government Snooping

Google has increased security in Gmail by providing warnings for all links contained within your Emails.  Any links that Google deems are risky will issue a full page warning that contains the kind of security danger the link may contain.  Gmail will also warn you if you are targeted by Government sponsored hacker attempts.

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FBI vs Apple - 3rd Party will Hack into Terrorist iPhone

The FBI has found a 3rd party company willing to hack into the San Bernadino terrorist's iPhone.  In a grandstand move, Apple has refused to reverse-engineer a patch to access the iPhone data.  Apple software engineers have even threatened to quit just to prove their security is unbreakable.  Sounds like another American blowhard who keeps telling everyone that he is the best.  On Monday, John Hopkins University discovered another hole in Apple's iMessage security encryption that would allow hackers to access photos and videos in the Apple cloud.  Apple does NOT make the most secure products; Google's encryption security is light years ahead of Apple. That would explain why just last week Apple moved its cloud storage services from Amazon to Google servers. 

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Banks want to Track your Phone Location

In an attempt to crack down on credit card fraud US banks have started to track client locations using your smartphone GPS.  US Bancorp, Discover Financial and USAA military bank all have plans to track customers cellphones so the bank will not be liable for reimbursement of credit card fraud.  Watch for Canadian banks to include this tracking software in the fine print of their online apps.

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UK Government will Record Everyone's Internet History

The UK government has been given the green light to record every UK citizen's browsing history for the last 12 months.  Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo and Microsoft have all stated this new legislation will infringe on individuals' privacy and open the door for China and Russia to intercept all user data on the web.

Hopefully this type of government snooping will NOT come to Canada as the Canadian government has a terrible track record for losing personal data to criminal hackers.

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Google is giving away 2GB Free - Today Only

To celebrate Safe Internet Day, Google is giving away 2Gb of free storage to everyone who performs a Google account security checkup.  It takes less than a minute to confirm that your Google account is set up with the proper security protocols.  Go to:

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CrashSafari link will Kill your iPhone

Beware of a new bug being sent via Twitter that includes a shortened URL link to a web site called "crashsafari".com  Visiting this web site using your iPhone or iPad will cause your Safari browser to crash (Application not responding) and you may need to restart your phone.  This bug will also effect Internet Explorer and Chrome browsers.  Do NOT click on any web site links that you don't recognize as legitimate.

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Ukraine Power Blackout caused by Hackers

For the 1st time in history hackers have shut down an electrical grid using a malware virus.  On December 23, 2015, the BlackEnergy malware bug caused a power outage in several substations in the Ukraine. The Ukrainian power grid systems were infected using macro functions embedded in Microsoft Office documents. Russian hackers are the prime suspects.

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Warning: Hello Barbie is Listening

The new Hello Barbie doll is the first interactive doll capable of listening to a child's voice and responding via voice. (like Siri)  Unfortunately hackers have found Hello Barbie is very easy to hack so they can use it as an eavesdropping device to listen in at any time.  The wi-fi enabled doll also allows hackers to infiltrate your home network to steal your personal info.  Maybe Mattel should add more security to Barbie instead of new outfits.

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