Which News Articles will Boost Your Business?

News articles, press releases and online video clips are all great ways to promote your business.  Google places a high ranking value on all links to newspaper articles and popular news aggregator sites.  But how do you ensure that your target demographic will see your news?

Canada is #2 for Video News

Online videos are the best way to connect with all age groups.  Canada is #2 world-wide for online video news consumption.  32% of Canadians get their news from online videos on Facebook, YouTube and WhatsApp.

Different News Media for Each Demographic

In order to target your ideal prospect you need to publish news articles in the correct media format.  64% of 18-24 year olds will only read news online or via social media.  53% of people aged 55+ prefer to watch their news on TV.  For the 18-34 year old segment only 6% of people will read a printed news article or listen to radio news.    

TIP:  You can track the ROI of your news articles by linking them back to landing pages on your web site.


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Thursday, 16 August 2018